Happy Veterans Day!

Even though I am generally critical of most of the wars that America has fought in recent years, I want to make sure that our troops get treated with respect as heroes that risk their lives for their country. We should never let our politics get in the way of honor and respect. Moreover, we need to make sure that our soldiers are treated as heroes when they return and given proper health care, benefits and treatment. It is so sad to see war veteran homeless on the streets. How can we allow those that would risk their lives for our nation to end up begging for scrap on the street.

As hard as it can be at times, we must also pray on this day for the soldiers and the veterans of the nations that we have warred against and even those fighting for terror groups such as Al Queida. I am inspired by the myriad of examples in the Book of Mormon of prophets praying for the well being of their enemies. They are someones father, husband or brother as well.  It is when we dehumanize the foe that we end up compromising our most precious moral values.


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