Winning missionary ideas from the New England Education Conference

Winning missionary ideas from the New England Education Conference

Elder Ballard of the Quroum of the Twelve, Area 70 Clayton M. Christensen and Jet Blue/More Good Foundation founder David Neeleman spoke at the LDS Education conference this Saturday. I will be writing more about their talks, but I first wanted to share some of the innovative missionary ideas that participants developed.


We broke out into groups and each group came up with an idea that could be used to improve missionary activity or church outreach. Afterwards, we all went around and voted on our favorite ideas. Those with the most votes were selected to present to the whole group in front of the speakers. These are the winning suggestions:

____________________________________________________ Website (Interestingly enough when you go to this URL it has temporary content of a temple)

A website that would offer a standardized place to write and record ( Audio and Video) testimony so that it could be searchable by name and linkable to/from facebook, blogs etc.

This would not be a random listing of testimonies as current sites but organized so that you could find testimonies by name, geographic location or topic.



Service website/Craig’s list

One of Elder Chritensen’s key points was that people are looking for opportunities to serve and one of the best ways to get investigators interested is to get them serving with us. But, service opportunities are often hard to find or through organizations that require specialized training and commitments. Thus, the church should sponsor a service website where people could post request for service and others could find acts of service to do. This would facilitate service and allow individuals to discover new service opportunities. This would sort of be like a Craig’s list for service


Testimony Twitters

Would involve a coordinated effort to flood twitter with LDS related tweets. Someone would post a testimony and everyone would repost/retweet it or post their own tweets.


Customizable Pass-along cards

Current pass-along card are problematic because sometimes one really likes the image on one side but not the text on the other side or vice versa. Also, the size is a problem as certain people like business card sized while others wanted larger cards. One should be able to order and/or print out cards that are customizable in size and content. Also, digital pass-along cards should be available.

Another related idea that my group came up with though it was not in the winning groups presentation was the idea of adding personalization to the cards. Thus, you could print a card with some of your favorite church related websites or your own personal testimony page as well as the standard church sites.


Digital Temple Tours

Would allow individuals to take a digital guided tour of a temple. This could either be done in accordance with a temple opening or on a permanent basis. The tour would allow people to understand what is done at the LDS temple and dispel myths.


Improved Facebook App

Facebook application that would especially focus on displaying one’s testimony on ones profile and allowing individuals to click a button to ask a question about the church and another button that would show questions that you have already answered. These could be named or anonymous.


Scholarships to non-LDS schools

Would fund scholarships to non-LDS universities in order to allow church members to spread to places other than BYU more rapidly. This scholarship would be based on observance to the same honor code as BYU ( though perhaps the dress code might be relaxed) and thus would ensure that strong members are able to attend top quality schools and spread the word.


How being a Mormon gave me the edge lecture series

Would feature business leaders or other high profile individuals that were LDS explaining why being a Mormon helped them get the edge professionally.

My idea in relation to this would also involve a shadowing program that would allow people to accompany these individuals around their day to do work etc.This could perhaps be given alongside an idea that didn’t win: A 30 Day Mormon Challenge encouraging individuals to try living an LDS style life in terms of diet, modest and habits and to see how it makes them feel.


Free the MoTab


Would place whole albums of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for free download on a church related website encouraging people to find out more about the church as well. Could turn the church into a primary source for beautiful and inspirational music. There could be seasonal promotions and downloads in order to entice people to return to the site more often.


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