Hearts of the children turned to the parents

I went to the temple with my friend Elena and did the temple work for my mother today. What an incredible experience. I really felt the spirit of God so strongly. As I sat in the temple and prayed, I also felt her presence near. We joined a group of YSA from Worcester though we went first. I was asked to pick a hymn to sing and chose Spirit of God because I think that singing that hymn in the temple is incredibly symbolic and poignant. I felt such incredible peace while the baptism was done in her name. During confirmation, the person reading the name stopped for several seconds seemingly over powered by the spirit. Everyone clearly felt it like a powerful jolt. I knew that she had accepted the ordinance being done in her name and that she had been able to find forgiveness and absolution. My mind in particular turned to the down syndrome child that she chose to abort a few years before I was born. I thought about a time while in a catholic hospital my mom had to cover a crucifix because she could not bare to look at an image of Christ. All of these mistakes and every wasted opportunity were forgiven. The member of the temple presidency gave the group a talk about how the people on the other side of the veil are closer than we think, and I know that to be true. I know that my mother will be working on my father and helping to soften his heart and that’s a great knowledge and feeling.


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