With Apologies to General Washington



I am going to be making at least two posts about the Obama Inauguration. My first post will be more generally outlining my day while the second will focus on the speech itself and in particular my favorite portion of it.



Was jostled out of bed this morning at 8 am by the lovely screeching sound of a fire alarm. As I came outside, I quickly realized that this was merely a drill and my annoyance turned to anger. It is incredibly rude and frustrating to hold fire drills in such an hour and to awake everyone needlessly. I wish I knew who to complain or to write a letter of protest, but alas on the Queen Mary campus I am without knowledge in these regards.


Went to Madame Tussauds because they had a free day for Americans. I found the Mme Tussauds in New York to be an overpriced rip off and unfortunately found this one to be the same. I remember it so fondly from childhood, but alas it was a pale imitation of what I remembered and a cash grab. I got some great pictures with their new Obama and also some other amusing poses with Hitler, Fidel Castro and other illuminary and delightful figures that I will hopefully post to this blog as soon as I can get a new card reader for my computer.


I then met up with Amy, Allie and Lisa for dinner. We originally had reservations at this bar and grill restaurant called prohibition, which looked really good. Apparently, though the other branch would be broadcasting the inaugural, but the one we had booked for would not and only had inauguration day specials. We then decided to be good American abroad students and go to TGI Fridays, which was very kitsch and fun. The day actually elevated Fridays into an art form as all the waiters had to wear red white and blue and one was dressed as Lady Britannia, another a superman/woman and others in all sorts of silly outfits. It was fun to watch them go by. Right before the speech began, the bar became crowded with Americans and others standing around to watch the speech. I got to watch it on a nice higher definition television screen.


When Obama mentioned Valley Forge, a British fellow standing next to me in the restaurant turned and asked if I was an American. When I said yes, he turned to shake my hand and then apologized to me for the British killing of Americans during the Revolution. Amy later said half jokingly that she forgives the British for that but not for 1812 which I found snarky but very amusing.


The restaurant was filled with excitement and good cheer with spontaneous applause on at least two or three occasions which was nice to see. I really do already feel such a transformation in the way other nations view America which is remarkable. This election has meant so much to the country in a way that I couldn’t even clearly see when I was going door to door for Barack way back in May 2007. I can’t believe that he is finally in the white house. The day felt like it would never come and yet it feels so right. I am so happy to be involved with a major winning movement and cause for my first major foray into activism as I do hope it will excited me and inspire me onward further.


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